Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Indecision

Many many things happened last week that would have been entertaining to someone, somewhere. Surely. I would show you photo proof of Interesting Things, but I am having a month (or three) of indecision.

Remember way back when I said R. gave me a new camera for my birthday? Well. I have filled one sd card... and I am on my way to filling another - because rather than make a photo storage decision, doesn't everyone just keep buying memory cards?! My computer has Vista, which I dearly detest, and which causes it to have problems. Aided by a virus, that somehow got through the layers of protection I have carefully paid for.


So I have avoided making a decision on what to do, and meanwhile, kept my beautiful new pictures locked up in the camera. This causes R. no end of frustration. Indecision, indecision!

The indecision started when I learned the cost to repair the computer. Then, I wore a cute new dress upon returning to the tech desk, and the guy started telling me all sorts of ways I could repar this on my own. You know I love a techie challenge... and I also love my new "get stuff free" dress. (Seriously - I was about to pay $200 to have this thing repaired, before I wore the dress there, and he started spilling his techie guts about how I could easily handle the repair at home! No Lie!)

And yet I am frozen! Unable to effect a system restore!


Let's move on to the results of my girl's night out at the painting place last week. This was really fun, and we will be repeating this treat. The owner has paintings all over the walls, and you choose which one you would like to emulate - isn't that nicer than copy?- and she puts the paint colors on your palette, gives you 10 seconds of instructions, and you're off! She then passes by every 15 minutes or so, offering encouragement and tips. There is as much help, or as little, as you may need - and that is fun! I chose only a little help, 'cause I'm risky that way. I chose trees 'cause I'm predictable that way. (Remind me to show you another tree necklace that R. gave me last week. If I counted the tree-themed jewelry and home decor, you would be a little surprised - and looking around at the tree prints in view from where I am sitting right now, so would I.)

Without further ado, I give you... oh did I mention this place is BYOB? It is. Bear in mind.
And I'll return later in the week. Probably with more trees.


  1. That sounds like a fun girls night out to me!
    I love to paint.
    That painting is cool.
    What a great idea this business person had....
    See? The foto storage decision is a biggie.
    I am thinking--I will pick my faves. Order an album with those in it.
    Then, store the fotos on a hard drive (sort of like old-timey negative storage.

  2. L - O - V - E this!!! B, you did an awesome job!


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