Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Turning 34

How about that. The turning of the 34. Think about it if you are there, or gracefully more.

I didn't mind it a bit, but then again, I have a built-in age-perspective in my home. What can I say is a down-side about 34, when my husband lived that year long before we met? Not much - because he can say a-plenty. (And does...) So another year goes by and adds on, and I make the same joke to Rickey: "I'm catching up to you..." It's fair to say, since he seems to have inherited an unfair share of Jane's anti-aging genes.

Yesterday was really enjoyable, and I like to think I forced the sun out today simply by wearing sandals. I was showing off the Birthday Pedi, cold weather be derned. Good food was eaten, a foot massage and sprucing up for spring was enjoyed, and gifts were opened. Pictures were taken, but I am trying to get this posty-post-a-posted before Todzilla awakens.

But! The promised long-ago shots are ready, and feel free to be free with your comments on who most favors me, amongst my brood. Yes, yes, I know the straw hair came from me.

Without further ado, I give you - Lil' B.

Age 3 1/2, with Mom and Isaiah - and check out the pajamas my mama made!

My Daddy & I


  1. Bethany,

    Those are so sweet! That one of you and your daddy...I love the way Daddy's look at their little girls..and the way little girls look in their daddy's arms. so sweet. :)

  2. Happy birthday, B! These are wonderful snapshots of an even younger Bethany! So glad you had a fabulous special day, friend!


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