Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome to the family!

There have been a few happenings in the last 2 weeks, as 2 other members have taken on the birthing responsibilities in the Lear family. Whew. I have been trying to pass that torch!

I'll work backwards, and welcome first my niece, Little Miss Gwen, to the world!
Rick's brother Dennis and his lovely lady Laura (of Disney-gifting fame) labored all through the night and halfway through the day today and were rewarded with a c-section to finally produce the small diva. The new Littlest Lear!

This is an event because, as you may recall, we roll with some crazy age-gaps in this family. When she passed away last year, Rick's mother was 96 - my children's grandmother. Rick's brothers had all started families early, so all of my children's first cousins were well into adulthood, a few being older than me. Yeah, that's comfortable to walk into when you're 20. And while my little Lears have enjoyed many good times with their second cousins, I could not manage to achieve that holy grail, that title which I have coveted: the name of Aunt Bethany.

(Though my "niece" Tina did sincerely offer to call me Aunt Bethany, which was the sweetest offer, but a little weird because yeah, she's a little older than me. But the fact that she offered? Golden.)

But now? We have a bona fide full first cousin, and that child will not escape me! Aunt Bethany is here for you, Gwen. Come rock with Phoenix and I. It is sweet, sweet, sweet to have cousins close in age. And since it's common knowledge, and I'm hardly announcing any breaking news, I'll out with it: Laura is 5 years younger than me - so I'm off the hook as the youngest sister-in-law, and no longer have the youngest kids with the oldest papa. Teehee. (Hi Laura! What are you doing online? Shut your computer and google at baby Gwen some more!)

Moving backwards, another little Lear joined us last week: Dennis's twin brother Brian welcomed his first grandson, Conner, which is Brian's 5th grandchild. I know, it's wacky to keep track of! Two Lears in two weeks, yet separate generations! (cue twilight zone music)

Moving to the middle news, which would be the beginning of this week, I offer proud congratulations to Jeremy and Susan. Soon I will no longer call her my almost-sister-in-law, as Jeremy formally proposed to Susan on Tuesday (3-2-10) and she appropriately answered, after 7 years together. It's exciting to have some big family goings-on! (cue champagne corks a-popping)

Ahhhhh. It is news like this that will lift me into spring. Which had better make a preliminary appearance by.this.weekend. Y'hear me now?

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  1. Congratulations, Aunt Bethany! This is wonderful. Maybe Jeremy and Susan will have a local wedding...???


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