Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is today my birthday?

"Not yet, today is Sunday..." (repeat for every day of the week)

This is a song I have sung every year since I was a wittle-bitty girl. My Mom still calls to sing it to me, and I think she expects me to break out into song each time. With the voice of a 3 year old from long ago...

We had a small record player, and this was one of the little records I would play on it. There were two other small records that were my favorites: "Puttin' on the Ritz" and "The Good Ship Lollipop." I can remember hiding in the cozy little closet, on top of all of my Mom's shoes, playing these records over and over. Or maybe she told me to go in the closet, because they were tired of hearing those records over and over...

Yeah, that was probably it. Good thing the cord could reach.

So, it is not yet my day, but I have been celebrating all weekend! The weather was great on Friday, and that is an all-around more celebratory day, so Friday started it. I have done a little shopping each day, and although I almost browsed the kid's section yesterday - I stopped myself, and forced myself to walk away from the tiny people clothing, and over to the grown-up-mommy-out-alone-for-a-treat section.

My last treat may be a new camera, because apparently just documenting all of Phoenix's hijinks has caused ours to crap out. Imagine that. Just being a witness caused our camera to give up the ghost!
Luckily I could not photograph him running down the road, multiple times, yesterday. That would have caused the lens to burst into flames, I feel sure. See how even a post about me, on the day before the one day a year I get, has turned into The Phoenix Report?
Well, I will go with it, since I don't have photos of me to share. Who would take them? The ghost-child? (Remember, that is who is responsible for all of the incidents that my 4 deny responsibility for. So why should the ghost-child not also be required to photograph me? That would explain why there are no photographs... whooooo, ghostly....)

OK. The Phoenix Report for this week is this: Phoenix can open exterior doors and leave the house now. Let that sink in. And unlike his sister Jadyn "The Phantom," he is open and direct about it. He struts down the hall with his chin up high, then turns around and yells
"Bye! Ou'side!"
And Todzilla is fast, too. I have to break into an actual run every time. Not appreciated, dude. Not appreciated.

I will return tomorrow with my birthday post, which I hope will be both entertaining and informative - but most importantly, only about me. Heh. That will prove tough, I know.

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  1. Every birthday my Mom would wake us up by playing the same birthday song on our Fisher Price record player. She still sings it to us every year. We lost the record a while ago and have never been able to find it. Do you still own a copy? Thanks for any info...I can't believe someone else knows this birthday song!!


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