Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who knew? Team Clark Part 2

Who knew how many of us were gaga over a nerdy-financial-wizard-nice-guy?!
Well, umm, many, that's how many!

And so I present a few lovely tidbits so that you may feel as though you know Clark, too.

  • On the day of the Habitat build, Clark broadcast his radio show from right in front of the yard I was diligently digging in. I kept one or two ears tuned and sometimes stopped to listen. I may have drifted over behind his tent and loitered, like people on the news often do, as they pretend they are not on camera. I'm pretty sure I *was* on camera, only I have no idea if the video was for posterity or will be aired somewhere. If it is aired, I will find myself, loitering behind Clark and acting all googly. Promise.
  • At one point, I walked up to the street to knock some of the mud off my shoes. I was looking down at my feet, doing a Hee Haw sort of mud-loosening stomp, and noticed some other feet near mine. Yep. There he stood, right beside me as I Hee-Hawed the mud off my feet. Yep. There I went, quickly in the other direction, mortified. Starstruck, I tell you! I could not even speak to him!

My favorite and final Clark tidbit:

  • On each of the 38 Habitat houses that Team Clark has built, there is a beautiful, small stained-glass window in the front, below the peak of the roof. His mark on the house. Awww... (Thanks for that insider-tip, Rach!)

Next time I am down that way, mud-free and toting a camera, I will get some shots of the houses. And that's your Clark fix for the day!

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  1. Cute...a little stained glass window-as the Clark mark!
    This is so cool. Yes. I love Clark too! Of course, I also love nerdy..


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