Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wondering and wandering

I've been thinking about this place alot lately. Seems I've been missing from my own spot. Everything got busy, even moreso than usual, and I dropped off the face. Phoenix took over, again and again, as an easy speed-post.

And he is fun and cute and a blast to write about... but. Along the way I was losing the point. You know, the practicing and the honing and the wordsmithing? The dipping and the delving and finding of the soul in the telling of a story.

I haven't had too many stories to tell this winter. With today's crazy-heavy snow, I am officially crying uncle. Bring it, spring. Bring back the energy and drop-kick that groundhog along the way. Pasty-faced ground-dweller, we don't need you foretelling our weather!

I'll be back.

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  1. bethany,
    Y'all got snow too! ?
    you dropped "traveler" from your title too...
    I noticed that maybe --two weeks ago?
    Things'll be great once the weather warms a bit...even a hint of spring is good to my soul. :)


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