Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Project: number unknown

When I was in the depths of cabin fever, spring fever and every other kind of winter blah, my little projects kept me from becoming an Oprah mom. We all know those Oprah moms - they end up on her show because they started some sort of unsavory behavior before noon.

My behavior remains mostly savory, and look - pretty projects to show for it!
I think I mentioned last May that our friends had twins, a boy and a girl.

And for their (belated) baby gifts, I made each of the twins a shadowbox.

This was such a fun project - because you have to smile at pictures of sweet chunky babies, and pretty textured papers... and flower punches... and alphabet brads... and, well, bright crafty stuff in general.
The cure for the winter blahs!


  1. Bethany,

    Those are sweet! The card you made for Eva is one of the ones that I kept in her baby file. :)
    So thoughtful!

  2. Good for you - productive and still savory. You rock, CSS!


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