Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How quickly they emerge

Part I

Isabella: Mommy, can I get a Jonas Bros. cd?
Me: (??) Umm, sure sweetie, someday. What song is it that you like (even know of?!)?
Isabella: That one "love me like I am."
Me: Well, maybe we can find it online, for today.

4 hours later...

Cole: Isabella! You've been listening to that song ALL afternoon!! Enough already!

And she had. Sitting there with one knee under her chin, watching the video, hitting replay every 4 minutes.
Where has my Wiggly Bella gone?! Wasn't it just last week that she danced along as a reindeer, singing to Wiggly Christmas?? Why yes, yes it was.
But this week she is 5, and this week she wants to listen to the JoBros. And sing about being loved for who she is. Heartbreaker! Perish the thought that anyone would see those wide, innocent eyes, and that pouty mouth and not love her for who she is!

Part II

Jadyn: Mommy are The Jonas Bruvers real?
Me: Yes. They are real. (This is Jadyn's stock question about everyone - animal, mineral or vegetable. The quest to not be fooled by something Not Real.)
Jadyn: Do they sing to the people?
Me: Like a concert? Yes, they are real people that are on TV and also sing to people in concerts.
Jadyn: Ok. Let's go see them.

And that is how I began to see The Easy Years slip away.
How quickly they emerge, no longer the non-gender-acknowledging toddlers, or tomboyish preschoolers, but that most inexplicable creature: The Little Girl.


  1. This has got to be a personality type--the "real not real exposer" Lily (my niece) does the same thing!! HA i am cracking up!!
    Everything you do..."now, is that REAL/REALLY HAPPENING?" Sometimes I don't even know the answer to that question...hmmm

  2. Ah, yes...for D it has been Miley Cyrus/Hannah. And now Taylor Swift. Accompanied by "I'm NOT a little girl - I pretty much know everything attitude".
    I remember a wise friend (B)once saying "We want our girls to be strong & opinionated, just not with us"...truer today than ever, friend!

  3. Noooo! Not the Jonas Brothers! Every so often, I worriedly ask my 5-year-old if she likes the Jonas Brothers and sigh in relief when she says no.

    Her pop culture of choice is the song "Survivor," which she would listen to over and over 24-7 if I'd let her. She thinks it's sung by a group called "The Survivors" and wants to be one of them! :D


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