Sunday, January 24, 2010

And then a smile comes

The Haiti coverage has drawn me each day. When I have a moment to watch, I am riveted by the stories of survival. The toddler pulled out after 4 days; the husband waiting at the bank for 6 days - and his wife Jeanette comes out singing to God and bearing words of love.
Mostly it is just heart-wrenching, as we have all seen the devastation of a land already on the brink, and a people required to survive everything nature can throw at them.

But now and then, unexpectedly, a smile comes.

Today, after 11 days under the rubble, a man was rescued. He had been trapped in the rubble of a grocery store. He was able to survive because he could reach cookies, beer and Coke.

That man must have been livin' right, people.
Just plain livin' right.

So we let the smile come, and we know that even in the direst circumstance, it lurks.

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  1. Cookies, beer and coke...he certainly was livin' right! Sorry I'm behind, but I'm going back and catching up on my reading and commenting. Happy Monday to you!


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