Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Irony and oddity

An encounter with irony:

Ronald McDonald spoke at the elementary school today. There was an assembly in the cafeteria for every grade. All three of my children attended, with their entire classes.

Ronald McDonald's topic?

Staying active. With some tips on not over-eating or consuming too much sugar.

True story.

From the school that would not allow the President's address to be broadcast, all of a sudden Ronald McfrickingDonald is an expert on physical health and well-being?? Where was my notification that HE would be advising my children on staying healthy? Where were the consent and prior notice forms??

What is this world coming to.

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  1. You are CRACKIN' me up, girl! And thanks for the heads-up on your made up word in that last post. I'm a day behind, so commenting here and lettin ya the yes-Mama!


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