Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miscellania to Entertainia

Dudes, Dudettes and Other Interested Parties:

Bow to my resolve and discipline! You may be pleased to learn I have exercised aforementioned resolve in NOT posting my long, self-indulgent post on The Myth of Patriotism. Self-indulgent you ask? Well, I have been watching Idol, and I *do* love Simon. I feel closer when I use his words.
Should it become appropriate in oh, say, the next week to again visit the topic of patriotism, I will whisk out my ready-made writings.

Until then?
I will:
A. Refuse to waste time rebutting facebook statuses.
B. Continue my limited-engagement love/hate relationship with facebook.
C. Hide and/or un-friend any people that are not actual friends, but who in fact only perhaps caught sight of me in the halls 19 years ago and mistook that for knowing;
D. Hide and/or un-friend anyone whose opinions cause me to renege on A.
E. I love you

In other news, the small loves of my life, Baby A and Baby B will turn FIVE tomorrow. I am excited for them, and yet rather weepy. They have been the ultimate joy. Their time in the womb points directly to today: Baby A (Isabella) obediently head-down and waiting for months. Baby B (Jadyn), and I quote my OB upon delivery: "Wow, I've never seen such a short cord!"
I remember very little of the blur of activity clearly, but I think of that phrase, and of how normally the cord is of such length that the baby can be laid upon the mother's belly while the doting papa cuts the cord. No. Friends, Jadyn had *just enough* cord to be born. Any shorter and I quiver to think of the lengths I would have gone to birth that child.
Skip to today, in the teacher's conference:
"Isabella knows the rules and tries to follow them daily."
"Jadyn is, if I may... a bit sneaky."
Phantom girl goes to school!
To be fair, the teacher did also say Jadyn follows the rules, and she has not had any notes home. However. She walks that line of sufficient obedience to deter grown-up human intervention, Whereas Isabella prefers to be well over the line, to the point of grown-up invitations to sit and snuggle.
The Birthday.
You will find out after the weekend what Frick and Frack have chosen to do!
And tomorrow I may be self-indulgent *again* - but this time I will share.

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  1. So funny! Baby B strikes again! Sounds like her teacher didn't want to offend you - like you didn't have a clue she could be sneaky! :)


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