Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Girl! Happy Birthday Girl!

On the birthday morning:

They had donuts, as requested.
They opened musical storybooks, and played all the sounds.
A Mickey Mouse book for Isabella; a Princess Storybook for Jadyn.
And then it was time for school.

During the birthday school day:

They made crowns, and decorated with delight.
They had a birthday snack of M&M cookies, as requested.

In the birthday afternoon:

They opened gifts from Grandmother Gigee, and wore capes made By Uncle Jeremy.
They got to choose a stuffed friend at Build-a-Bear, as requested. (Isabella chose a puppy, and named it Fluffy. Jadyn chose a sparkly pink unicorn, and named it Sparkles.)
They got to Eat At A Restaurant (TGIF) and Have Macaroni & Cheese, as requested.

At the end of the birthday:

They both declared it was good to be "five!"

Good morning sunshine! Jadyn enjoys her chocolate donut.

Good morning wide-eyes! Isabella declares the donut "too sweet."

Home from school, showing off crowns and new fleece Mickey & Minnie hoodies.

Meet Fluffy and Sparkles!

Dancing at TGIFriday's...

Rock it out chickies!

Home for cake

Good night beauties! What will the next year bring...

(For reminiscing, baby pictures are here, at last year's post.)


  1. I cannot believe it was five years ago I came to visit 3 weeks after they were born....

  2. I love me some Build a bear!! What a fun Birthday! :)
    Happy birthday sweet girlies. :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Isabella and Jadyn! B, these photos are precious on their special day - love it!


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