Friday, November 23, 2012

toil and trouble

I work my alchemy
with words
on pages only, if you please
Because kitchen magic
is beyond my ken
drink magic too
A domestic artsy bent here & there
But mostly
I am left to mix and stir
double double toil and trouble
on blank white pages
Wishing sometimes I could 
eat my words.

Bethany 11/23/12


  1. How was your Thanksgiving?
    I hope it was great! :)
    We need a new volley.
    Eating words...would be calorie free?

  2. ha! yes, calorie free. I was busy visualizing a cartoon of someone eating words - pie, pizza, ice cream - and then read the previous comment. I hope you had a fun Thanksgiving with your family Bethany. I cooked turkey and loads of food. Ate way more than usual - passed out at 4 p.m. with bursting tummy. Happy week to you.


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