Monday, November 5, 2012

On the Eve

Hi friends.
What a difference of a few years! Remember my constant pitter-pat heart posts of 4 years ago??
This year I have Facebook election fatigue.
I combat it by clicking "unsubscribe" on anyone who posts ugliness. It is disappointing; it is disconcerting. I wonder if some friends actually think they are more moral, more spiritual because of their choices. Can one be more anything than another? As though there is a separate level of humanity - the more humans. They are simply more.
I guess there is not much difference after all, in 4 years.
Our local Atlanta news anchor quoted a funny line tonight:

"Wow, your repeated political posts and status updates have really made me re-think my vote.... said no one ever."

This time around I have simply felt silent. No less committed to my beliefs, just less concerned with broadcasting them. Thankfully, my hometown NC relatives have been less broadcast-y too. Not a single right-wing defamation email all season. Last election,  I prepared a special rebuttal, just for all those emails I was zinged with day and night! Please to reminisce with me...

Over the past year you have sent unsolicited political emails to me, calling Barack Obama a variety of names. Some of the more colorful names given to him in the emails were these: Anti-American, Muslim, terrorist, socialist, Fidel Castro, racist, liar.

There remains only one name for you to call him now.

Mr. President. 

I am hopeful.
I stand for freedom and truth.
I am ever and always a patriot.

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  1. very very well put Bethany. the all hate all the time by a too-vocal minority is fatiguing and dispiriting. thanks for speaking out. it is my fondest desire that one day there will be peace for all. happy week to you.


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