Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Motley Crew

Last Saturday was my night out, with my co-conspirators Erin (Day of the Dead redhead) and Rachael. Thanks to Erin, who suggested the steampunk theme, which Rach & I grabbed & ran with. Victorian industrial sci-fi anyone? Do you like a little time travel in your life?
We've got your day of the dead, your steampunk & your day of the steampunk dead right here.

Jadyn the candy corn witch

Wot? Did Rickey play along this year?! The Cure & Cole the Reaper


Puppy Isabella!

Cole, Jadyn, Isabella Vega, Phoenix (Spidey!), Mattie
the BFFs

Chloe sez: "Plz let me scratch these down now! Halloween iz over! I been waiting so very long..."

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