Monday, December 3, 2012

These Days

These days, ya'll, these days! I think I'm becoming a cliche. After all my efforts to the contrary, I just might be That Mom. You know her, you smile at her, you feel slightly relieved that she exists - because it means you've got your stuff together better than at least *one* person.
I mean, when did it happen? There I was, going along, brushing everyone's hair, buying new jeans to replace holey ones, keeping my van detailed & trash-free... and the next thing you know, here comes Mama. Here comes Mama with her hobo-children all snarly-headed with Goodwill-looking shoes and high-water jeans, tumbling out of a dusty van along with a spilled bag of library books & empty sundae cups. But she's got her earrings on, does Mama. No matter what, she has those ears dressed.
What is with that?! I mean, the brood can show up like a scraggle pack, but I will not leave the house without earrings. Must be my new major priority. Sometimes you cannot fight the Good Fight of Well-Coiffed Offspring, so you put on dangly earrings & lipgloss. And hope to fight another day.
Words to live by, I know, I know.
Please to enjoy my very own kitchen band. They drum, sing, dance & strum. All using large kitchen spoons with magical powers - microphone! Drum stick! Violin bow! Ukelele pick!

Wicker makes a very nice drumming surface - very whispery, sshhh, don't tell.

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