Friday, November 2, 2012

Life & Times of Learcats

These kitties, they are so tolerant. Well, Chloe is tolerant all the time, Peter is tolerant some of the time. I have more shots of Peter because he is often getting into trouble. It's hard to get shots of Chloe, as she is usually in my lap. Mah bebe! She blogs with me, reads with me, and generally shadows me all day. And who thought I would be alone, with all the kids in school!

 Peter cooperated for this photo shoot, set up by the girls.
 Chloe doesn't even wake up for it. She's like Gumby-cat. 
 Peter is nosy. He is always in my business. I moved this table, put things on it, and there he was, inspecting my work.
 When he's not in my business, he's carrying bags around like a puppy. I caught him dragging a bag of grapes around this week.
This pink ball is his favorite. He hides and finds it all day long.
Pink, the manly color.
Wot? Just hangin' in the tent, me and my pink ball. 
 Chloe even tolerates Phoenix and his exuberant love.
 Peter again, bag in mouth.

 Isabella reads to them, like a mommy should. They have an enormous vocabulary for 5 months.

Peter sandwich!
And that's your Learcat update. I'm almost embarrassed to have 13 cat pictures.

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