Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Daddy's Girls

"I am the wife of the Laird of Balnain, The Folk have stolen me over again." 

I thought of this line today when I realized what I have been doing online lately... Only instead of fairy folk stealing me, pinterest has stolen me. True. Too true. I put it off for many a month, but was finally dragged in by my friend Traci. Thanks, T!
Look what you've been missing around the border...
Jadyn had the idea of a photo shoot, for Daddy's birthday. I had to keep it a "secret" as Jadyn is smitten with Daddy, and doesn't like him to see her looking too pretty or caring too much. So the girls chose new shirts (Mickey & Minnie) brushed their hair all shiny and we had the "secret" photo shoot. Of course Phoenix was involved, much like Where's Waldo - but we got some sweet shots. I love these sweeties! They chose their favorite shot, cool frames, and the gifts are now on Daddy's desk:

PS I tried a Pinterest photo technique (of course!), where I was supposed to focus in tight on the subject, and the background would blur. Not sure it worked. Maybe because the sun was too bright back there? You know there's a "Pinterest Fail" category, too... :) There should be a Bethany Failed Photos Section, I am so challenged with a camera. I have such visions, such ideas! Alas... But! This group still turned out, even so.

And all this before poor Cole even got home from school... the long day of middle school has been a tough adjustment.
Stay tuned for a motley Halloween crew...

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