Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Cole's Year in Review, The Journey from 10 to 11 starts now.

Last year this time, we were in an NC field for the Bday - having celebrated my brother's wedding the day before. Yeehaw!
 Deceptively calm & snuggly? Why yes. Total decoy shot.
 This one? Not so much. Like luring a small, wild animal, Cole has worked on getting Phoenix to sit with him, and hold his hand - rather than mine. I give him an A+, doncha know!
 Who can resist the dandelion puff hair-do! Let's all make a wish!

 He pitches, he plays short stop, he's the go-to guy.
 Sometimes I am at the school. Did I say "sometimes?" I meant all-times.
 And... the new look is here! Whew.
 Coach Rick & Cole are in the playoffs this week. 
Game 1 - Cole got the game ball last night for 2 good hits, and 2 innings of fine pitching. Today he will come home from school to enjoy his gifts, some sweet treats, and his special request - Carvel ice cream cake. He will also arrive at home bearing New Information, from this week's special series: Human Growth & Development, otherwise known as The Talk, School-Style! And then they send them home with an interview sheet, so they can question a parent about the parent's own experiences in Growing and Developing. I feel a story coming on...
So, on the day the Boy Becomes Eleven, I will leave you with his typical witty remark:

Me: So, this week, for the Health talk, they will separate you kids into a boys group and a girls group.
Cole: I heard that Mr. B will teach the boys, and Ms. S will teach the girls.
Me: Yeah, so that everyone will feel more comfortable hearing about body parts, from a teacher of the same gender, you know?
Cole: Yeah, I mean you wouldn't ask a chess expert questions about football, would you?

No, no, I wouldn't. I think our talk is done.
Happy Birthday, bud, you are a treasure.

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  1. Bethany,

    This is a great post! It is amazing how one kid can change over the course off a year.
    :(. :). ;).


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