Thursday, May 17, 2012

By popular demand: Butts

I feel like there should be some disclaimer, or that I should over-compensate for this post. I mean, Cole does many outstanding things, and yet I blog about his butt drawing? That's just the way we roll. I neglect to take pictures or mention that he was promoted to a baseball All Star team this week... rarely talk about his school success...never mention his projects in the 5th grade gifted class...
But butts? Oh yeah. Butts I will show you.
And so without further ado (aDOO??), I give you...

Things That Look Like Butts, by Cole
 You got your button butt, your watermelon butt, your flower butt...
 Your glasses butt, your cloud butt...
If there is anything that will make these kids laugh hilariously, it is an innocuous object being turned into a butt.


  1. This is hilarious!! I can just see the big brother comedy routine that went along with it...PRICELESS!! :)--I am thinking..framed?? In the bathroom??

  2. hey thanks for this Bethany! I love that watermelon butt. And the cloud butt. priceless, and a keeper.


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