Monday, May 21, 2012

End of an Era

 The 5th grade grad... complete with honor role medal
Itz me ya'll, me and my boy-o.
The morning had a few "lasts" and I was the only one at the house recognizing them. Last time Cole would be riding the bus with his sisters, last time he would go to the same school with them, last time to see his elementary teachers (most of them are leaving or have already left for other schools)...
I had an amount of sentimentality, seasoned by a staggering dose of reality: with Phoenix starting PreK this fall at the school, I will have 7 more years there. Oh, they'll get their pound o' flesh out of me, that's for sure. 6 years in, 7 more to go - seems like I should get a parking spot, or at least a lunch wrap named after me? No? Ok. I'll just take the "Thank you Volunteer!" breakfast and Hershey bar. 

We segued from the formality and air of a promotion ceremony, to the tomfoolery of Cole's 11th Birthday Pool Party. Cue hilarity and hyper-activity.

And for the finale, I got to take my unpaid sick leave, and have a day of rest.
Again, friends, The End!

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  1. every single one of these photos is endearing and precious. The smiles, the happiness and joy. It looks like there was a whole lot of fun going on at that pool party. Happy holiday weekend to you and yours Bethany.


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