Sunday, May 13, 2012

Words of the day

I had a few ideas running through my head, to write about today. But guess what won out? Leaving the house a-l-o-n-e for a bit! It was a worthy day to celebrate, as today was the first day in 3 weeks that every Lear child woke up fever-free. Move along, spring virus. Your work here is done.

Here's my collection for the day, of things the small people said to me, when they were asked what are their favorite things that I do with them or for them:

"I like how you keep us safe, by not letting us ride in the road." (go, me!)
"I like that you tell us to not eat too much candy, or junk food, so we stay healthy." (wot? deep!)
"I like your hugs & kisses."
"We cannot live without love." (oh wise child)
"Hick-a-dee, hick-a-doo!" ( small nut)
"What? Tell you ALL the things I like?? That would take forever!" (that child, she knows how to play)

Jadyn had been bursting to give me some cards and drawings she had made, in which I appear to be wearing a fashionable triangular dress, in my favorite color blue. We were celebrating with what appeared to be a triple layer wedding-type cake, with many decorations, and possibly small birds on it. That girl goes big. Isabella had wrapped up my favorite cd of French bistro tunes, and when I opened it and started laughing, she did jazz hands and said "Don't you love it?!" Can't go wrong with a cd I already own, now can you? I say not. Cole drew a picture that will have to wait for a later date, so I can scan it. He said it was not *really* a Mother's Day drawing, and with the title "Things that look like butts" I hope that's true. Small Phoenix got to present the flowers and massage certificate, which my clever husband procured.

After various and sundry other loving comments, interspersed with many lively rounds of sibling bickering, our day was rounded out. It's better than I didn't attempt any epic Mother's Day writings, as being nursemaid for many long days and sick nights has fried my brain. No fear! Summer is almost here! My brain would have been fried shortly anyway!
I need a solid night's sleep, friends. Let's hope that's my gift for tonight. Tomorrow we will start fresh on the big kids' last week of school.
PS I really stink at being a nurse. I would fire myself.


  1. <3 it! And I soooo want to see that picture entitled, "Things that look like butts" hahahaha....

    Hope you are well-rested!

  2. "things that look like butts"? I want to see that, and also the one of you in the fashionable, triangular blue dress. I love the names of your children. and the delightful stories your write about their characters. happy day to you Bethany. hope all are well this morning.


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