Friday, May 4, 2012

Behind a Glass Face

As I strain and put on
clothes to build
earrings to dress the bones
fabrics to feather the nest
turn me inside out
that what I am made of is 
visible and available and unavoidable
spiking out of my eyes and pouring from my cheekbones
break into the sharp plane of my face
crack me like a shell
It distills in the midst, that essence that Is 
thickens and boils and builds in the marrow
while we drape and play dress up
an inferno is merrily crackling inside.
eating away at the chaff
Lunching on whatever is not
Of Substance
the unimpeachable remains behind
skin turns to glass
And now you see Me.
Forever and a day.

I'm back. Since completing and publishing my e-book, I took a poetic break. And now? I'm jumping back in with both feet. Happy weekend to you!


  1. Isn't it amazing how the true {self}
    REFUSES to be denied! much as {parts} of us
    would love to make it so...
    Love it!
    love {you} ;)

  2. wow, that is some beautiful writing Bethany. Haven awaits on my Kindle. it seems I have little time these days for the fun stuff. but I do set aside time to bake pie! happy week to you Bethany. take care now.


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