Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday in Love

It's Friday and I love...
...this kid
Who will be 11 in a few short days, and oh the inner conflict! Do I celebrate, do I weep, do I force him back into a crib and babyhood? Yesterday I scooped him up in the cradle hold and hummed the night-night song. (Not because of all my gym-time body-building - (rawr) Just because he is a light, lean thing.) Rick & I chuckled, Cole looked beatific. He's my late bloomer, my little guy that wants to be big. He is one part tween, one part tiny boy climbing in our laps for kisses. He is a wild bike-racer, and a small teary-eyed boy with a boo-boo. Shake it off, we chide. But the day they shake it off and need no tender care is the day... the day. That day. Grow up; stay small. Be mature; be a wailing toddler. 
See? Conflict is me.
Happy Friday, and may your world be conflict-free! ;-)

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