Monday, June 4, 2012

Summerus Blogatus Hiatus

I know, right? A post entitled "End of an Era" and then I am MIA for weeks. Were you skeert? Thought I was gone for good?
I am calling it Summerus Blogatus Hiatus. A ridiculous fancy title for Busy Me. The summer, she is in full force. We started with a bang. By yesterday, the kids were just spinning in a field, getting dizzy. Stop the fun! It's too much!
We're working into a smooth outline of days. So far only 2 things happen with regularity: My workouts at the Y, and Fiesta Wednesday. That is another fancy title for "Go to the pool in the afternoon with a neighbor, take food, and stay until 7:30." We both have husbands that are away mid-week, so, Fiesta Wednesday it is. When we really want to mix it up, we go to the Y pool instead of the neighborhood one. I know, livin' large, those Lears...
This morning my Mom called. She said since I am trying to break into the book biz, she has a topic for me. She would like me to write an informational children's series entitled "Guinea Gayle." Guess who the star would be! Hint: I don't know much about guineas. Hint: She has guineas and knows a lot about them. Outcome: I suggested she get right on it.
She has several guinea hens on nests now, so you know what that means... chicks again, for our July visit to NC! Of course, one of the nests came to her attention when the mother hen was spotted pecking madly at a snake in the yard. Is it just me, or do snakes love the guinea meat?? Mom claims the snakes are always sneaking around, we just never knew it until she had guineas taking them out left and right. Mom also claims the her dog Gulliver is a rising star of Snake Watch. Both of these remarks make me certain that I will be asking my uncle if I can stay at his house. Snakeland 2012, I will not be attending.
In other news, here is what I hear each morning from Jadyn: What are we going to do today? I don't know what to do.
I've started shushing her before she can even get the phrase out. Better yet, I say it FOR her and try to make her laugh thereby distracting her and in fact answering her question. This is the only thing I can plan for, we will try to make each other laugh. Try hard, now! Mama needs you!
 Has anybody seen Buzz Lightyear? Anyone?? Buzz??
I have named them Buzz, Buzz Jr., and Buzz Jr-Jr - what else could I call that tiny one?
Look, I built a GIANT tower...
Do I even need to say it? Anyone?
All together  now: it's the leaning tower of...

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  1. Fiesta Wednesday sounds fun. :)
    Yes, alas! Summer days do need {rhythm}.


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