Monday, January 23, 2012

Party Rerun!

The Seventh Birthday Dance Party went off without a hitch.
See here, the happy parents with the happy party girls - happy, yes! because the party was held in our neighborhood clubhouse. Good one, yay me!

The dance is ON!

(Yes, yes that is our eldest son Cole in the dangly glow stick hoop earrings. Can we just say he was advertising the versatility of our party craft project? Necklaces, glasses... earrings! I'm in!)
See? Here's Jadyn, in all her glow stick finery! Complete with hoops! And finger laser lights, don't party without them...

Yes! Everyone is dancing... the cake is MINE...

Party hats made it home, to resurface the next morning. What a dance, what a crew.
It was proclaimed the "best birthday ever" and we said Good Night to our brand new resident
7 year olds.
The End.


  1. Looks like it was SO MUCH FUN!!! What a great way to bring in year 7 :)

  2. Great job mom! So, that's what the neighborhood clubhouse is for! :) hee know I don't think a single neighborhood here has a club house. ha!
    Your girls are seven!!! Mine is about to be!! Can you believe that???--Now it seems like the time is going by so fast!!


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