Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Doors and Lost Connections

Yes indeed, our front door search brought some adventure - though thankfully, no (visible) creepy crawlies. Of course, the whole adventure part could have been avoided by a few trips to Lowe's, but where's the fun in that?
Much more fun to find a craiglist person, who is a builder with a stock of quality doors in an old tannery. Scoring a bargain - fun, and a tale to tell - fun again.
Of course, we haven't done anything further with the door situation - which, by the way, is rotting away as we speak. No, we've been beset by Ye Olde Curse of The Bermuda Triangle of Technology Fail. (I know, lengthy title AND lengthy curse. I assure you.)
It's an ancient curse, known to strike at random, and requiring Level Five technicians to converge on our home, 4 different ones in a row if you please. And the 4 techs in a row will subsequently need three.whole.days to get this house up and running again. Don't forget the addendum to the curse! The technological fail will happen over a weekend and a school holiday so Yay! Six people to explain "sorry, no TV or internet" to over and over and over again...
Addendum Two: The Curse of the Four Hour Window. You know this one. Three.whole.days wherein we must remain at home or very nearby for the dreaded 4 hour tech arrival window.
The joy of it! Being forced to stay home, and having no connection anywhere to be found!
Even my cell phone went wonky.
I tell you, Bermuda Triangle. Signals were lost, only to be found again when 3 techs converged on 3 separate points at the exact same time. Point One: our home. Point Two: the nearest phone hub control-box-thingy on the road nearby. Point Three: India. And it was the guy in India that made it all work again.
I had to ask the Point One tech - is the knowledge that Indian fellow holds something I could go to school for, and travel around offering? To you know, like, save people a 3-day wait for repair? A reasonable question, I thought. He did not agree. He did not even answer.
I'm thinking that's a niche skill right there. Eh?
I know. I am so going to take that Indian man's job. Not in a mean way, no! In a helpful *timely* way, for the betterment of our community. Guess I should find out the incident count on this Bermuda Triangle Technology Fail curse first.
I'll get right on that.
Just as soon as I've caught up on my 44 unread Reader posts. Google, I've missed you.

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