Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out with the old!

I believe the Mayan calendar did not take into account some changes in energy and possibility on our planet, so...
Happy New Year! We get more time to get it right!

"Out with the old" clearly did not mean out with the old habit of obscure references, in case you have not been looking into the whole Mayan thing. Example, I have one. Ask my neighbor Rachael, as I happened to mention shapeshifters in a recent conversation, thinking that was a typical everyday term. (me? paranormal reading habits?) She nodded and said "Are those people who make their own candles?"
Not really. Neither of us can remember what she actually said, but it was just that unrelated, and all we do know is that we both hooted and carried on about it.

Out with the old has taken form in my house, in the manner of cleaning out in a ruthless and focused way. From closets to kitchen cabinets to this morning - my desk. Talk about random and obscure items, here they be. My favorite finds (other than stashed cash. Halloo!) are the little notes I leave myself, when I'm in the flow of writing something. Most of the time they are short thoughts, and I can't make them go anyplace once the feeling is gone. But I save them, just in case.
Just in case they could become... something.
And so I greet you in this new year, with a snippet and the hope that all good things will come to you, friends. It's been fun, and it's been real, and on it will go. I greet you with this found snippet, because it represents exactly what I hoped to gain with blogging. Inspiration, friendship, and a place to keep the words coming. And this is how they come, on small bits, in the car, at stoplights, tucked into my desk to be remembered or forgotten, and the mood goes.

Found Scrap - 2011, undated
When I was a child, my dreams were my own, and crystal-like to my own mind. Not as in clear, but as in oh-so-fragile. Unmentionable, as though even to speak them would break the force field binding these dreams to my being. These years later, the idea of fragility remains, but my reality has risen up. Risen up to speak aloud, seeing that as we speak these dreams into existence they can be free to step into the light.
Secrets? No.
Dreams, yes. Closely held, beloved...

Happy New Year, fellow dreamers...

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  1. Oh, hold fast to those dream Bethany! I'm feeling the purge urge too - and I always feel so much lighter when I've unburdened myself with belongings, and longings. wishing you all the best in this brand new year.


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