Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Word is Good

Did I say it was The Year of the Happy?
Well then, as Phoenix would say "I tell you, I tell you - it is!"
And so I made this reminder, and what mama says, goes.
By hook or by crook my little ones, you will find a way to...
Be Happy.
And with a wave of my crafty wand, I make it so. It's a mixed media decoupage creation, on a canvas. Underneath, you can see the Time magazine clippings as the base. Only I will know this, but they are all from a Time article on the science of favoritism, with regard to children. My favorite child will always be the one that is happy at the moment. Take heed, brood!
Note the nifty scrabble tile letters! (Thanks Rach!) They will soon make an encore appearance, in another project I'm working on.

See, here I am - beside the print - being so happy to be 8.5 months pregnant with twins. And there I am - cropped above - being happy in the Adriatic Sea, back in my modeling days. Happy, happy...
It's all about the happy.
(I would like to be happy about having a better shot of this to show you. Alas.)
There you have it friends.
Let's all Be Happy.
Bring on the happy, 2012! It is, after all, our duty as Americans - the pursuit of happiness... so, bring on the patriotism, in this pursuit!

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  1. Pretty!
    What did you put over the top of all the decoupage...what was the cover layer?


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