Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Sunday Creative - Perspective

The small becomes mighty
Breathe in and breathe out
I am the sun; make your revolutions daily
I am the satellite; I bask in your sun.
Paying homage to divinity from whence it begins
Being divinity as homage to eternity
We are each the part and the whole
The Maker and his Making woven throughout
Dignity cries in the bloodstream:
Worthy, worthy!
It is our birthright.
It is our perspective, in the quiet of night.


This is my perspective: when I first starting participating in this Sunday project, I would close my eyes and grimace with anxiety before clicking "post." Now? Thanks to the kindness of your commentary, I am not quite so anxious. Not quite... :)
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  1. Beautiful, Bethany.
    I love the... we are each the part and the whole. :)

  2. I love it! :)
    Gorgeous poetry.

  3. this speaks to me kindly. my father often referred to me as "small but mighty" when I was growing up. it was to make me feel better because I was terribly small in size and weight and so self-conscious about it for years.
    "Dignity cried in the bloodstream:
    Worthy, worthy!"

    you are most certainly gifted. have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Bethany, you have such a wonderful way of playing with words. I used to dance, and the challenge of dance is to make the most difficult moves look graceful and fluid. This is what you do with make the dance of your words look fluid and graceful!


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