Thursday, February 24, 2011

...and goeth

I'm jumping in for a quick pictorial description of our weekend with Ken & Mary. because I am about to be off {on my own, almost} for the weekend, and this is a Big Deal. More on that later!

Having arrived for a visit from the frozen Ohioan northland, our weekend of mild Georgian days was a treat for them - so we tried to spend as much time as possible out in the sun.

We went to Stone Mountain (yes, yes, making the most of that yearly pass! Squeak, squeak goes the pennies as they rub...), but this time did not need to prove our youth and fitness by hiking the mountain. Instead we picnicked, played and walked a nature trail.

Why hello, who is that picking up the camera for an impromptu shot?! What am I doing in a picture?! I look sarcastic.

Here he is again, clicking that shutter! Cute little wild ones... watching the geese.

Little brothers and big brothers, each are the bookends of their siblings. And on the left is the rogue camera snatcher...

Aunt Mary, mistress of sunning, provider of trip snacks from the van, winner of hide n' seek.

Jadyn said, after they left: "I miss them. She showed us a lot of good hiding places, and she could have showed us more." Yes, along with the compliment was a tiny slam. She could indeed have showed them more, and instead she willingly left. Or, I think that's what she is saying. But, this was Jadyn speaking, so we will not know what may or may not lie beneath, right?

Mary and I shared some delicious vino, and you should run out and get yourself some, post haste. Apothic Red, it is a California blend, Apothic Red, it flows so smoothly, all our tales were told. Mary paid me the finest compliment of having always been old. I took it well, because she then added "soul" to that sentence. Hiccup. I recounted the things we have in common, and reviewed her Doula days in my home. We could have nothing in common, and still, still... the love. You do not show up at a house of newborn twins and expect 1. a solid night's sleep 2. a hostess able to do anything. But I have been over this already, n'est-ce pas?

Rick & Ken looked over from the den, and remarked on how chatty we were. We looked over from the kitchen and remarked on how not chatty they were. Family. I love it. Ken is a State Farm agent, so there was much reviewing of policies and life insurance plans. All was resolved and our future secured. Whew.

They left in an unexpected turn back north, to see to their daughter Marie. She is in the hospital unexpectedly, with a kidney issue, so think of her. She is precious! My kids think she is barely out of her elementary-school years. She is that much fun. They thought she and her little dog Angel would be visiting, because every *child* travels with their parents, right?

Marie and Me, July 2010. SIL Mary likes there to be a Family shirt each summer. I am a good sport. XO!
And now I am off to prepare for a weekend in Birmingham, with my friend Shah! Cole is friends with her daughters, so he and I will take off after lunch tomorrow. You know what I always say, one child? Pah! Nuttin' to it! Happy weekend, friends...

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  1. what a great post. you put a smile on my face. I'm thinking of checking out that wine :)
    I'm leaving on the train tomorrow for a weekend out of town too. I hope you have a great time!


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