Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Rare Sighting

Look closely, and you will see a rare creature through the (I've-seen-better-days) greenery...

It is phoenixus independentus, a new addition to GA fauna. This small mammal is most often found attached to its host mammal, mommius beensittingwithhimforthreeyearsius, and has been previously named phoenixus clingius (common name: Mama's Boy). To glimpse this phoenix in the wild, on its own, is a rare treat indeed.

Just take a look at its usual habitat. It clings to the smallest digit of mommius beensittingwithhimforthreeyearsius no matter what the situation. Fresh from the cleansing pools of the savannah? Like a limpet, phoenixus independentus never fails to find the appropriate metacarpal appendage.

This connection with the host stimulates an immediate reaction, in which phoenixus independentus then sucks on the large digit of his opposite metacarpal. It is an instinctive reaction, and cannot be thwarted.

Wherever the host mammal finds itself, you can be sure phoenixus independentus will be within inches of her supportive system.
However, the recent sightings of an independentus genus give us hope for GA's future, and the future of our wildlife.
(PS Did you spot Lucy Goosey in her luau outfit? Complete with coconut bra! The girls decided some festivity was in order, to warm the cold days.)

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  1. This is funny, B! Your kiddos have given you a run for the money - one can unlock any lock and disappear, another never leaves your side/finger.
    And I'm sorry I missed the GS post. It's called selective hearing and it can work to OUR advantage as well! ;)


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