Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day

Hello dear friends!

Here are your Love Day quick shots. First, you knew there would be a banner! I only wish I had the desire to improve my photography... because this banner is darn cute.

Add in a few cards for sweet friends...
A few sweets for the little sweeties...

And a peaceful shot of aforementioned sweeties... (just ignore Phoenix throwing a rock.)
Some flowers and custom chocolates for yours truly, and we can call it a Valentine's! (My flowers are still untouched...but the chocolate, oh the chocolate...those pretties from Schakolad do not last long. Get in my mouth! )

Happy Day to all, and thank you so much for your thoughtful, much-appreciated comments last week. XO...


  1. Hey - the rock wasn't being thrown AT anyone...that qualifies as peaceful. And I LOVE the banner!! Happy love day to you!

  2. Bethany!! I loved my Valentine! :)


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