Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Downtime: lather, rinse, repeat.

First of all, let me assure you, it is not I that has been acquiring Downtime: The Sequel. No, it is the brood of sick kids I have had on my hands for eight days. Eight. Days. I feel like I should create a font just for that sentence. The font that describes parents who have cared for sick kids for eight days... It would look scary, sleep-deprived and half-crazy, betcha. By the seventh day I was like some sort of awful nurse out of a Stephen King novel. You know the one. I was calling them all Mr. Man, and honing my, umm, escape route.

This morning, after their required day of being fever-free, I bundled them off and wished them well at school. By 10am, two were back home, and the third knew that I had just better not get a call from the clinic. I am on a first-name basis with that clinic nurse, thanks to Cole and his four years there.

You all already know the drill with sick kids and their care, but the Ph factor added a new angle. Phoenix was the first to be sick, and so has been well since Saturday. Which leaves five days in which he perfected his tormenting skills. Feverish, napping child on the couch? Hi, I'm Phoenix, and I will pile-drive you from the couch arm. Headachey, feverish child has just drifted off to sleep? Hi, I'm Phoenix and I will shout "Nyah-nyah-na-booty!" right in your ear, and cause you to shriek in pain.

But really. You hoped to hear about Mom's visit, right? Right.

Would you think it possible for a person to miss TWO flights on one trip? One coming, one going. Yes, she did. We can only deduct that she is locked into some sort of New Bern-Atlanta jinx-vortex. When my almost-sister-in-law called to see where Mom was, and when she would be returning, I could only say one thing: I delivered her to the flight, but I cannot vouch for where she ends up.

We had a good visit, particularly in catching up on her Tales of a European Adventure. Mama's been to Paris, and she won't forget it.
Then, before the big kids tumbled like fever-stricken dominos, we had time for one sweet tea party, a la Dea. (Phoenix calls her Dea (dee-yah) and it is catching on.) And, brace yourselves. I provided a craft opportunity. I know! I do still have it in me! It was just dormant for a few years.

The new teapot for the grandbabies...

And after a tasty tea of apple juice, mini cookies, fruit and crackers, it was Halloween craft time! It only took small pumpkins, one giant package of spider rings, glue, and scissors to snip off the ring part. Ta-da! Spiders, spiders everywhere.

Oooh, spooky spiders crawling everywhere...

Our mantel is now decorated with spider-ridden punkins.

Mom has returned to water-logged NC. When my sickies are recovered and safely deposited in school, I hope to return. Until then...

Go get some pumpkins and spiders, why don't you! This craft is even suitable for toddlers, as his spiders enjoyed sliding down the side of the pumpkin on a river of glue. Sweet!

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  1. hey gorgeous-
    sure do wish you were closer!
    i'm considering writing a book about my adventures trying to get the kids to, and from, school. monday- took the wrong exit, headed home instead of school: ding = gas light is on, and i'm on the BYPASS = really late pick up. today (wednesday)- got behind a tractor going 12, yes, 12 mph. late again. what does friday have in store for me, i wonder? but hey, got awesome deals at rite aid this week! sent you a free touch-up & go (cleaning) gift pack from shop@home lastnight... was only for the 1st 10,000. should arrive in 6 weeks, maybe. if you're like me, you don't get to clean, but at least the cleaning supplies will be there so it looks like ya do :) raegan is 3 today. we (me and my 3 sidekicks, jon is in alabama), went to baskin robins. yes, out in public.... haha. all my love, g.


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