Monday, October 25, 2010

The Sunday Creative - Dynamic

Dynamic stepped into our family,
and away we sailed...
Far from the land of expectation and prediction
Where small people are puppets,
And books have answers.

Into the beautiful beyond
full of flabbergasting head-shakes
and speechless giggles.
Bemused looks and eyes squinted to catch
a glimpse of forever.

Why do we wonder at their individuality?
Taken aback and expecting else.
Unknowing that The Person begins in utero
and we only think we are training it elsewise.

Personality: the dynamic force of nature
by which
each human says I Am Here.
Deal with it.

And not only Deal, but Love and Cherish and
Squeeze and Celebrate.
Thou Shalt Put Away The Cookie-Cutter,
Open the doors and windows
and let it be.


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  1. Oh wow Bethany! Printed copies of all your poems from the Sunday creative for ME!~ YOU ARE SO SWEET!
    --Susan P. Hill 2010

  2. I love, love, love, this poem!

  3. You are cracking me up, Susan! Thank you thank you! XO

  4. I also love, love, love this one!
    Your words captured exactly what I was talking to my husband about this morning. Getting a boy through Kindergarten may be the hardest thing we've faced to date -- especially after the rule-loving girl set the level of expectations for the poor kid! Not only do we have to give him room to be who he is, but we have embrace and love and celebrate the whole package (and hopefully guide him to use it for good instead of evil...)


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