Thursday, October 14, 2010

Changes on the border

Hi. I'm here. Am I always saying that?
Still here. Not sunk. Busy with teacher conferences and baseball games. And sitting out back in our almost-fall-back-to-summer-almost-fall-again weather.
I did skip my Creative challenge this week. It was kind of a gimme."Spiral" was the inspiration word, and oh how I love to wax on about the spiral nature of the universe... right? Truly. It's my secret Bill Nye the Science Guy aspect. Really though, I was just too scattered to focus. Which reminds me to stop fussing at Cole about focusing. Focusing is hard!

But I am determined to focus on doing less things, better. Because I am unemployed now, and it is working out for me. I know, I shouldn't toss that word around casually. But it's true that my part-time babysitting gig is finished, and I am relieved.

So my focus is where it should be: churning out high-quality humor for ya'll!
No Really. Focus.
OK. Here is my focus: Aiding and supporting school success for the young Lears. Potty-training youngest Lear. Staying fit.
There. That's a short list, and not too scary, right? I think I can do it. But no more bragging about how I'm acing kindergarten, or fourth grade, ok? Because I am totally not. I really need to practice my handwriting. And study my multiplication tables. My teachers hath spoken.

Speaking of teachers, can I blow your mind? Just a little? Jadyn has been receiving notes from the teacher about being.... hold your breath...

"Overly social."

Yes, I made sure it was the right child we were discussing. Yes, Jadyn smirked at me and confirmed the diagnosis. From silent phantom to chatty socialite. Not with adults, mind you, only with students. So at least that hasn't changed on me. Isabella is progressing as a serious student of the kindergarten arts, and helper of all others needing assistance. Mother Hen, word has it.
Cole is trying out the "I've got this in the bag" approach. And it's working just often enough to support his theory that he does indeed have it in the bag, but not often enough for me. Enter Approach III: Let's Do This The Full-@ssed Way, And Actually Know What is Going On In Class And In That Agenda.
See? Right back at Focus again. Family theme, no less!

And those are your changes on the border. Focus, focus, focus.

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