Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Flip Side

I think today calls for some good news. I need it, and you need it for me, right? Because you care, so very deeply. And, because it is Say No to Drugs Week at school, and good news keeps people off drugs. Ta-da!
Though while we're talking of Public Schools and Their Unveiled Attempts to Brainwash, just when did caffeine get onto the Drug List?! Thank goodness my girls' brilliant kindergarten teacher had the foresight to tell them: "There are good drugs and bad drugs."
Ah, caffeine and alcohol, you know which list you belong in! Thanks for the out, Teach! Of course, the teacher also said that bad drugs make you do stupid things, which may not have been the correct naughty cue word, since my kids all appear to love doing stupid things - and laugh hilariously at anyone in their vicinity who is also Doing Stupid Things.
At any rate, they are enjoying wearing red, and wearing wacky socks (though how that is different from any other day, I'm not sure), and wearing sunglasses, and good grief. How did all these things come to mean Just Say No?!
And how did we come to the point of sipping guiltily on a beer, while our newly informed children stare pointedly at us for Using Drugs?!

Back to Good News Keeping {Me} off Drugs. OK, the list is short but tres sweet.

This month's three strong good points:
1. Rick made his last car payment (insert floating stars and smiley faces)
2. I made the last Tempur-pedic mattress payment (insert flexible, non-achy back)
3. It is Rickey's birthday tomorrow (insert banners and cake!)

Yay, us! The month is looking better already.

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  1. Hey! Your kids are going to be better at saying no than mine are! Their no to drugs week comes a week earlier! WTH?--


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