Friday, July 23, 2010

Story telling

Rick got home from Arkansas late last night.

I had saved up the week's stories for him, and we sat up chuckling over the kids and their week of quotes and adventures. He said I tell the stories the same way I write them. (Or don't, as the recent case may be!) Or maybe I write them the same way I tell them?

Which came first, the story or the voice?

Well, I've been missing my writing time lately. Summer has proven too busy for me to steal many moments alone. And when I do get a moment, it is punctuated by noise and interruption. Imagine!

It's hard to be creative when the noise of a Tonka fire engine is blaring under my chair, so I just wander away from my desk, feeling incomplete and overflowing. I'm realizing that if this writing is ever to be more than a hobby, I will need to carve out time consistently. Time to get the stories out of my head and into the light of day.

And that time can only come with the summer's end - which I am not too eager for. Lazy unscheduled days...

One thing that I have had time for is my inbox. Clicking and deleting takes very little concentration! I confided to you about the over-600 number of messages - and I have now cleared out over 1,000. Which leads me to add, blushingly, that the over-600 number was for unread emails only. EEK! I must be on Hotmail's hit list. Most Frequent e-Subscriber That Never Reads Her Subscriptions. Who knew that cleaning house would include an inbox?

That's my story.

I leave you with the Tea Party from last week's visit with Gigee. (Whom Phoenix calls Dea, so we are trying to switch her name to Dea, to be more user-friendly! Youngest makes the call!)


  1. Bethany,

    To me it seems like Cole must be the best sport. Does he join in all these activities willingly and with that sweet smile all the time? I know {some children} his age would NEVER go along with the shenanigans of younger siblings as well as he seems to.

  2. I too have been struggling to get posts done - or maybe its a question of having enough brain cells to actually form thoughts other adults would be interested in? I am actually looking forward to school as it coincides with Doug's return to the road...ahhhh....say it with me...peace and quiet...ahhhh.


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