Thursday, July 22, 2010

Almost Wordless Thursday

And hey! It's not even truly wordless! Since it's not Wednesday anyway, who cares. Though, honestly, this needs no words, which was why I intended to post it last night. Oh the sweetness of that first tooth... and the wonders of all the stuff that fits in the space. (Hey Mommy! A straw fits in here!)
So then Phoenix had to show me his (non)lost tooth. The tooth fairy really needs to stock up on one dollar bills. I mean, she has paid out the same ones *several* times now, the ultimate recycling! (Sure, honey, I will keep your money safe for you...)


  1. They are both just too cute! I'm eventually going to get over not seeing them in person... okay, not really. I keep telling mine to stop growing, but they don't listen. Hope you are having a great week, my friend!

  2. There you are! Ask Isabella if she'll smile for me now!? That's one smart tooth fairy ya got there, too!
    And really "Wordless Wednesday" in that house?

  3. Oh no she didn't lose a tooth! :) I am going to show this to Elena. Hers is still wriggling in there. :) I guess your girls are checking off their bucket lists too.


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