Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Celebrate craftiness!

Today I give you a most crafty link, from my most crafty friend. The craftiest crafter who introduced me to craftiness, lo these many years ago. What is scrapping paper? I asked her, and lo, she showed me. What is this crafty tool kit I now possess, and how do I work it? And lo, she showed me. What are these fine gatherings of white-tents filled with handmade delights? Yes lo, oh lo, she showed me.
We have toured many an arts and crafts show over the years, from one side of Atlanta to the other. We have shared in painting and pottery classes at the local arts school, and I really can say that this pal inspired every bit of craftiness that lay dormant in me. You have seen her work before, if you received a fantastic handmade card that you thought I made, but when you asked me, I totally 'fessed up and said I did not in fact make that fabulous card.

Her handmade delights make me smile.

You have also seen her work about my house and blog, in the shape of photographs of the children. Those poster-size black & whites of each child, in our playroom? Traci's work! She is already skilled, but we still welcome any opportunities to be photog guinea pigs.


(Oink...ready for family shots...oink)

And so without further ado, I give you...

Traci! And her beautiful new blog that you will enjoy browsing:

One Fell Out of the Cuckoo's Nest

And if you need a spare old pan to create a fantastic calendar like she has, let me know. :)

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  1. Get. Out. Why I haven't been this tickled since...well, probably since I saw one of my photos on your blog Thank you, my CSS! I'm flattered and giddy from your sweet post. :D
    Off to call you now!


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