Wednesday, September 16, 2009

nae sma' care

Well, you might have guessed I disappeared into a book, and you would be right. The hidden warning of impending book-diving came with last week's post, about going to the book fair.

See, Diana Gabaldon takes 3 years to write a book. There are already 5 books in the Outlander series, and the sixth is coming out very soon. So I had to re-read the first 5 to be caught up and ready for that sixth. Yes, I re-read the entire billion page series every time a new one comes out. And at least one time in between. Obsessed is putting it mildly.

My title today comes from a quote in Dragonfly in Amber. It's Scottish dialect, spoken by a mother of ten.

"Bairns are certain joy, but nae sma' care."

And that's second reason I've been missing - that "no small care" part. Weeks like this always make me think I need better vitamins. Something! An infusion of energy and dedication to match the boundless energy and sibling bickering going on. Little wonder I have been hiding away with my nose in a book.

Besides, it's the perfect perch for the thumb-sucking snuggly boy. He feeds my reading habit by requiring a lengthy sit-down every hour. Or I feed his habit by sitting down first - either way, we sit a lot lately. Assume the position. Knee up to prop small bottom in crook of leg, body curled like a small shrimp, cheek nestling on my chest, thumb in mouth. Begin the sit.

That's my story.
I have another one brewing.
Just let me eat some vitamins and get typing.


  1. RE-READING?!?!?! 1 through 5!?!? Seriously?
    Oh, and it's not vitamins you need...try a little cocktail. You won't mind the bickering so much. I know this because...

  2. awww..that thumb sucking snuggle...i just love it..
    you are obsessed! :)
    but it is fun to have something like that that is entertaining! a good fall back

  3. Remember, my super-power is speed-reading! ;) And early-morning cocktails only make me sleepy. I try to wait until beer-thirty... lest I be carted away as unfit...


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