Tuesday, September 1, 2009

small finds

For a while, I huffed. I puffed. I shook my head. I tossed items in the cup with a furrow on my brow.

Then as I watched the collection grow, I became intrigued. I looked at the found objects before tossing them; I wondered what caught the small attention. I wondered where they came from. Some were obvious, with their shiny or sparkly parts. Others? Only the mind of a child could love. Coins, rocks, buttons, rubber animals, dried flowers, leafy crumbles, metal bits and even the latch to a window screen. (Note to self: check that all screens are latched.)

It is the window into their days. It is the key to personality and quirk, and each item tells a story. One girl has odd bits and unusual pieces. One boy has rocks, rocks & coins. Another girl, always a tiny animal.

I began to look forward to befuddled smile that grew on my face each time I delved into small pockets.
The detritus of the world, collected piece by piece by a child with an eye.
Laundry may not be fun, but pocket finds do add interest.


  1. that is sweet.
    then, the kid in my does not know what to do with all the "special treasures" from their pockets, you know?
    i don't even want to diminish the importance that, say, that "ty" tag in your picture, might hold...dilemnas!

  2. B-

    Only you. Me? I get tissues which cause quite a mess in the dryer. Probably a fire hazard, too.

    Off to look up "detritus".


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