Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Weekend Away

A departure from the ordinary last weekend - the boys and I road-tripped to Birmingham! We visited my long-lost friend Shah. OK, maybe not long-lost, but it has been almost a year (eek) and she needed to meet this baby boy. The baby boy in question traveled well, and slept well in a new place. So we will be off on bigger adventures very soon! Look out LW...

It was sweet to be with friends, catching up and connecting. I could move into that guest room in a second, and pal around B'ham. Besides the many {deep} things we have in common, we also share the bargain-hunting, deal-mongering gene, which is always fun. So we scored a quick shoe deal during the trip for my girlies. Other than that, we stayed put and enjoyed some quiet catching-up time. With *only* 2 children along, I felt free! More details later, with pictures...

I returned home to handle yet another techno-crisis. My beloved laptop was failing to charge, and though I wiggled the power cord successfully, and thought "Wow! I have a magic wiggle!" my power cord in fact split apart and began to spark at me. And like the girl I am, I squealed and threw it down upon seeing blue sparks. No sparky-sparky, thank you very much.

Which means that I had to head out immediately and get a pricey power cord. No likey-likey. But this is crucial business so I had no qualms about the cost. It was Rick that offered to tape up the old cord, when he saw the receipt. No thanky-thanky. So I'm back. Charged up.

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