Friday, March 6, 2009

The Streak holds!

I am in a fine frame of jittery excitement, as my lucky streak has held strong this day.
Remember last week when I signed the girls up for fall preschool at our elementary school? The one with 750 students but only one pre-K class of 19? Yeah, that school. The one that said they would call me today if the girls got in.

I waited until 4pm, and no call. My stomach was all nervous because this has come to mean all good things to me, this matter of next year's schooling. I knew they had posted the list on the school door at 3pm, so when Phoenix woke up, we rode over there.

I walked up and saw 4 sheets of paper on the door, and scanned 3 of them nervously, noticing that THREE pages were the waiting list. Uh-oh. I had not asked how many were applying because I didn't want to shake my confidence. :)

Class list 2009-2010: #15 Isabella, #16 Jadyn.
This is going to be great. This means that 3 of my duckies will get on the same bus, and go to the same school, less than a mile away. This means that I will not have to wake any sleeping babies in order to meet the bus - since it stops one block from our home. This also means a substantial savings, since the alternative would have been private pre-k.
I am excited and relieved and feeling glad my streak has held. 'Tis a happy Friday!

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  1. That is wonderful! sigh of relief... ahhhhh....


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