Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Knock knock

Me here. Really! Does it count that I blogged 3 separate tales of the day in my head today? The best one was about the loves of my life. Oh yeah - I mean, the ones that don't *know* I love them. Like... Bono? Deluxe love. You may say I just have a thing for older guys, and you may (would) be right, but that Bono gets better and better. The new tune rocks and is just so hip with that U2 timeless sound...

I heart Bono. Rockers with a conscience AND cool names? I would like a cool name please.

But I haven't really earned a particularly cool name. This week I was just a run-of-the-mill dingbat. My dingbattyhood (wow, that is a word I have to use more often) yesterday went like this:

10am - The B. saw roofers arrive.

10:05am The B. saw roofers laying large blue tarp over driveway

10:06am The B. thought to self "hmmm... wonder if I should get my car out before unknown quantities of roof junk fill that there tarp that is located in front of the garage."

*life intervened*

11am B. peers out and sees mound of junk on tarp blocking garage


You know what that means. The B. stuck in house on freezing cold day - all day - and let me give you the kicker: Cole was out of school. Uh-oh. Yes, the 30 minutes of snow from the previous day had become ice in some (rural) areas and all the metro counties closed school. It was a *sunny* cold day. And we live less than a mile from school. And the blue tarp stayed out there until 7pm.

You can see why thinking of Bono might have been an option for me. A few times I am pretty sure the noise of the kids playing tickle chase (oh you fun game, you) actually drowned the noise of 4 workers with nail guns positioned all over the roof. We couldn't get out because it was cold, and those tarps were all around the house, and junk was flying off from every side. Now, this did bring on an interesting window-peering session when tickle-chase was over. Look, flying tar paper! A novelty.

Did you like The B? It is popular with the Swedish crowd. And by crowd, I mean one friend. And her boyfriend that is my pretend friend. It is almost cool.

Wish I could sing.

This morning? I put my car out on the street at first light.


  1. Sometimes you learn the hard way! :)
    That is funny about them canceling school...tickle chase...
    The b? hmmmm

  2. No likey The B? Not as cool as The Edge? OK. I will work on this. Maybe Phoenix has it right, I could just be Baba.


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