Monday, March 23, 2009

More Fun With Wheels and Other Happenings

Perhaps you recall my run-in with online photo printing companies, namely Sn@pfish. Well, Shutter something-or-other has gotten the memo, and apparently red-flagged me. Shutterflappity refuses to release my pictures from Birmingham! This may result in a letter. I don't know. I have wiled all my wily techno-wiles and still cannot save those pix to my computer.

So I have to resort to local action today.

And there is plenty of it.

Mr. Big has become Little Big, because he is not so Big after all. Tall, but very lean. So Little, and Big all at once. And obsessed with standing, to the point that he whines in a ghostly, moany manner whenever he can't reach something to pull up on. Which is often, because, you know, he skipped a step. He refuses to crawl. So he just sits wherever he is plopped, complaining about how he can't move. It is tres charming. I find myself copying him, in hopes that someone will scoop me up and put me somewhere else, too. Oh what dreams...

But! Suddenly a light clicks on! By scooting on his butt, and turning, he can weave his way over to something, anything, come on people let me stand up! A boy was born to stand, and I have been looking at you people's ankles, for what, months??



And are the siblings proud of him or what? Oh yes. We must all get into the picture to show our support for dear Little Big. There's a camera out, and someone else is getting some attention! Hurry, run for the table! Must. Not. Miss. Basking. In. Limelight. (Even borrowed limelight.) We call Cole "Waldo" - because every photo is like Where's Waldo - Cole can be found in each picture, and if he didn't make it time, you will surely spy a foot, an arm, or the corner of his head as he dashes madly to get in the picture.

Thankfully, the girls' antics on wheels entertain Little Big a lot. So if I plop him down near the tile, he can watch this. Like a 2-headed Medusa on wheels, they wheel and spin down the hallway.
(Email readers, you'll have to click to the blog to see this. And don't miss it - it's weird and cute all at once, the things these girls come up with.)
Maybe when I am having a stressed out monster-y day, I should try this. If you see me flying through the neighborhood on an office chair... beware...


  1. you know, that has happened to me too, with the foto services. i have tried to use fotos and they come out completely fuzzy!
    we use walgreen's which has the same format as one of those (can't remember which). i am not sure if you can "steal" your fotos back once they are on there or not.
    i want a ride on the office chair!
    ph. is starting to look like jadyn some to me. he is the link b/t the twins' looks...??? you think?

  2. You're the 2nd person this week to say that - so, I guess he is looking like Jadyn! :)


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