Tuesday, March 10, 2009

12 Corazones

Cole and I have fallen into an new routine. It started a month ago, when Rick was traveling, and Cole was watching TV in my room while I put the others bed. I came in to see what he was doing, and saw that he was watching "12 Corazones" on Telemundo. And giggling. We know very little Spanish, his being bits garnered from Dora or Diego, and mine from 8th grade classes. So I sat down to see what was so funny, and got caught up in the show.

As you can guess from the title, it's a dating show, and hey ya'll, love doesn't need a language. But somehow the language of love is funnier when you haven't a clue what the heck is being said. The hosts are over the top, the contestants are named by their zodiac sign, there are specials some weeks - like the beach special - (hello bikinis!) and Cole and I narrate. I think we're getting better, and sometimes I think we get what is going on. Look out.
The end is sort of like a white elephant party - even if 2 have chosen each other, they can still change their minds and choose someone else when given the chance. Oh the drama of it!
So when I walk into my room, there he is, grinning and waiting for me. Ready or not, here comes 12 Corazones...

Cole: Umm, I got no clue. But if I had to guess, I'd say we're going to a commercial.
Me: Hush, I can't hear what she is saying about round 2. (This is crucial, wouldn't want to misunderstand the incomprehensible. Nerd.)
Cole: She's pretty hot. I think he will pick her. I like the ones with long hair.
Me: She's a Taurus - watch out.
Cole: Hey, like me! (paws bed and snorts). Pick her!
Me: Ooh, they're kissing, don't look. Wow, that's a long one.
Cole: OK, lovebirds... Mom I really don't like the kissing sometimes, because I have crushes on a lot of pretty girls at school.
Me: Oh. Huh.

And on and on we go. If I gain any nuggets of Espanol, they will be oh so sexy.

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  1. REading this made me miss cable!~
    Understanding humor in another language has been the most difficult part of having one.


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