Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

I know. I'm running early. That's just the way I roll. Either early or forgotten. :)

But I was feeling so thankful for a coupla things, I just had to start the love.

1. Jon Stewart. No explanation needed. I just get him. Anyone who plays "Devil Went Down to Georgia" in reference to the current Senate race just rocks. Full stop.

2. NPR. It's like a mantra of calm in my car - the antithesis of the house!

3. Cheese. My favorite part of the holiday season is hors d'oeuvres. Cheese-based ones. Cheese-based dips. Cheese Krispies. Cheese logs and cheese balls and gimme more cheese.

4. Ornery, rambuctious 7 year old boys who write notes about me in their journals, when they are sent to their rooms for being (and I quote myself) "disobedient, ill-mannered and disrespectful!" (I have copied these exactly as written.)

I hate Mom! Mom is stupied! Dum MOOOM!

and then:

I Cole Lear pleag (pledge) that I will hate my parintse forever! (Characterized by a drawing of a boy with his tongue sticking out.)

Ooh, the angst of adolescence... and the atrocious spelling of a mad boy! I am saving these journal entries, for sure. :)

Tune in tomorrow for more thankfulness. I'm chockful.


  1. But Bethany,
    tomorrow is wordless wed. ;).
    i think i will have one for tomorrow--we get out early.
    did you read my email?

  2. Ha! A picture is worth a thousand words... so I can be EXTRA wordy! tomorrow!! Email reply re-sent now ;)


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