Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sentimental Sunday

Yes, the reality of this stage being over is difficult for me to grasp.
I cringe at the thought of taking down my campaign materials, as though that puts Barack further from me.
When will my Inaugural Ball tickets arrive? What will I wear? :)
I cannot seem to talk about anything without filtering it through election statistics. I sit outside, waving at the neighbors driving by, and giving them the thumbs-up. They have no idea why. I smile and go on about what a great week it is. They have no idea why. They have moved on. I scowl when the newscasters dare speak of any other news.
Ah, the lucky ones, that can vote and keep their hearts intact.
And so it is Sentimental Sunday.
I have a good post brewing for Mood-altering Monday, in which I dig deep into the American psyche - post-election, of course. Deep. Be open. Be very, very open. ;-)

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  1. can't wait.

    Andy was just reading over my shoulder, and I said, "Bethany and I are doing gooood on our blogs" As if we are being graded by some teacher or something.
    This is so funny.
    And fun!

    I have a feeling the sentimental feeling might get replaced by defensiveness? Could that be? I have gotten a bit defensive and sick of the comments of anti-O people. ughh...and ick!


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