Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Something happened on November 4, 2008 at 11 pm EST.

It could be called the convergence of a political event with a shift of consciousness.

A sea change in the communal consciousness.

A raising of the vibrational frequency.

The lifting of a burden.

Something happened that caused beings both real and corporeal to stand up and shout “Yes!”

Because what happens when millions decide the status quo is not working? That the old vision has failed, the old rhetoric is stale, and hearts are crying out for solutions?
We all want solutions to the plague of problems in our nation, in our foreign policy dealings, in our sense of purpose. And solutions to the general feeling of dissatisfaction, apathy, and unrest – so that we may be at peace within and without.

Enter the communal consciousness. It always connects us, but in moments like this, it is palpable. Like a fine net of electricity connecting us all. Uniting us to make a move, though we may be uncertain of the future; there is the glimmer of potential. Hope and potential.

In this climate the stage is set for change. And millions of people in unison strive towards a common goal. All because a man thought he could make a difference, could unite a majority with the burning flame of idealism, could inspire hope and courage in place of apathy.

What happened was bigger than politics. It was the voice of millions saying that Barack Obama did not represent one thing, one policy, or one idea. He represented America. And that little piece inside each of us called hope. Hope that we can sail forward with our best sides showing. Hope that our beautiful nation with its quilt of peoples can lay down bigotry and champion courage. Hope that with just the right leader, at just the right time, true solutions to a plague of problems both domestic and global can be found.

It was a statement that a new day has dawned. The era of vision is begun, with a leader who bears a vision of our nation’s course and of our place in the world.

And with our vote of confidence, the human frequency rose. We began to vibrate with the very energy of possibility, to cast off centuries of historical burden, to rise to our true potential of world leader. See, we knew we did not live up to our ideals. We knew there had to be a better way. It just took someone to rise above the muck, to stand on the wall as the watchman and say “Lo! The morning comes!” And we will greet it with all confidence and cheer. We will rise to the challenge of change.

Yes we will.


  1. I love the fact that so many people are on the same page...I'm calling it subversonance...I like your "definition" of it, too...

  2. Yes, there are so many ways to describe what is going on - I just felt the need to try and capture that feeling. :) I wonder do you mean subversonance, as in the feeling resonating beneath the surface? Interesting!


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